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Fun Boho Items to Give your BFF this Fall

If you're lucky enough to have a BFF, then you know it's important to celebrate this relationship. So, whether she has a birthday, or you just want to celebrate something sweet she's done lately, we wanted to share with you 10 of our favorite Boho items from our latest collection that are ideal to give as gifts. 

Our best tip for giving a gift: not only do you want to think of the person receiving the gift, but also remember what they might love but are not buying for themselves. So, if they adore accessories, but don't splurge on them, then that's the perfect BFF gift for them! Or if they've gotten a new home, but haven't finished decorating, then something pretty for their home would make her smile. 

BFFs cheer us on, give us honest advice and we can count on them in good & tough times. Doesn't your BFF deserved to be treated special every once and awhile? We thought you'd agree! Take a look at some of our favorite gift ideas!

The truth is that most of us only have one or a couple of true-blue BFFs. So, it’s important to let them know how special they are to you. No, you don't have to cover them in diamonds and rent a private jet to show how much you care. But - if they adore the Boho style as much as you do - then you'll want to get them items from this lovely lifestyle. So, whenever they wear what you've given them, instantly they think of you!


Here at TheYoungHippie, you'll find dozens of items that are perfect to give someone special. But this hand curated selection we've picked out for you, is a collection of unique items we think show personality and are ideal for different types of people you might have as BFFs. Isn't it wonderful to keep so many people happy? We thought you'd agree!


A friend you can count on is something that you should be joyful about having in your life. Take a little moment to celebrate them and show that you care. It can be too easy to spend your time doing ordinary stuff, but every once and awhile, you do need to make the people in your life feel special. Why, that's part of being a BFF, after all! Because you know that you can count on her to do exactly the same for you!


So, take a look at our special collection of BFF ideal gifts here. There is something available at any price, whether you want to spend a little or a lot more. We know that your BFF will grin from ear to ear and that you'll totally make their day. Be sure to take a photo of the two of you, with her wearing the new gift from TheYoungHippie, to celebrate this happy moment!

Fringe Vintage Boho Tassel Earrings

Now, these are an accessory that easily gets noticed. So, she'll be sure to get lots of compliments when wearing them. Your BFF will also think of you each time she wears them. 

VW Caravan Retro Ceramic Cup 

Does she always invite you over for a cuppa? Then here's the perfect gift for your BFF! So charming and fun. Get a pair of them so you can enjoy them together. 


Boho Hexagonal Storage Jewelry Box 

Awesome jewelry box! This is a gift your BFF will certainly admire. If she loves jewelry, choose this one, because it will help organize her pretty things. 

Crescent Moon Boho Necklace 

A charming necklace that everyone will admire. Lots of hippie chicks feel spiritually connected to the moon. This is a gift your BFF will certainly appreciate. 

Eva. Hippie Fringe Crossbody Shoulder Bag

Now, this is a true hippie and Boho classic bag! Give this to your BFF and watch them smile! 

Tapestry Dreamcatcher

There is a saying that when you have a dreamcatcher, it helps capture any bad dreams. So, if your BFF has stress, worry or bad dreams, this is a thoughtful gift for them. It also looks so lovely on any wall too. 

Crystal Magic Crop Top

So pretty! If your BFF is a true hippie, then she'll adore this top. It’s a crop top, so ideal to wear at the gym or yoga class. 

Macramé Wicker Basket 

Does your BFF love to stay organized? This is one of our favorite storage solutions, it is super roomy and looks fantastic too. Choose this especially if she's just moved into a new place. 

Happy Fall Logo T-Shirt 

Does your BFF love Fall? Choose this fun tee for your BFF. Whether she's having a pumpkin spice latte or going pumpkin picking, it’s perfect for the season. Great for yoga class too! 

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