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12 Gifts Your BFF Will Love Almost More Than You!

"You're always in love with your best friend. That's why you're best friends,"
-- Katie Stevens


Want to get your BFF an absolutely amazing holiday gift this year? Well, of course you do! This post is one you're going to want to bookmark & come back to, because we're sharing with you a complete dozen - 12! - fantastic gifts that your BFF will adore, almost as much as she does you!


Could that even be possible! When you shop at TheYoungHippie, the answer is "Yes!"


Kendall. Retro Floral Embroidered Denim Jacket



Does your BFF feel nearly naked, when she doesn't wear a denim jacket, or something that's denim? Then this is the perfect gift for her. With intricate & very feminine floral embroidery, our Kendall jacket is one that she'll receive so many compliments when she wears, wherever she goes.


Daisy. Long Lace Crochet Boho Top



One thing we know you'll adore about choosing this fun top as a holiday gift for your BFF, is it is available in 4 colors: canary yellow, black, soft pink and ocean blue. So, there's that perfect vintage style lace top for everyone.


Your BFF will love this top, because she can wear it, dressed up on New Year's Eve with velvet leggings and her favorite sparkly earrings. Or she can go casual during the day, in denim jeans and short boots, wearing it to school or wherever her day takes her. This is a feminine look that's just a twist on old-fashioned lace brought into contemporary Boho style.


Evie. Vintage Bucket Bag with Tassels



This is a classic Boho style bag, your BFF will grin from ear to ear when you give this to her. TheYoungHippie has it in 4 colors: jade green, black, coffee brown and bright red. Now, if she's truly your best BFF, we think you should buy her 1 in a neutral color and then 1 in a brighter shade for trendier days.


This is vegan friendly leather, so your vegan and vegetarian BFFs will especially appreciate this gift too. We love how roomy and deep this bag is, even though it is more compact in style. It's not one of the huger bags, but it'll carry everything your BFF wants to bring with her, all while looking her best.


Claudia. Hippie Fringe Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag



If your BFF is head over heels with the Hippie fashion style - we highly recommend you choose our Claudia bag for her. This is one of the classic Hippie handbags from the late 1960's to early 1970's that so many women carried proudly during that time & it's back again now!


Your biggest problem with our Claudia bag for your BFF? It comes in 6 colors - so which one to get her. Does she love purple or pink? Or perhaps a vivid red? Maybe a classic neutral tan bag? Or try a silver blue or a soft blue bag. Whichever one you choose, we know that she will adore it, almost as much as she does you.


Cordelia. Embroidered Floral Boho Shoulder Bag



Isn't this an amazing shoulder bag? We think it also goes perfectly, with our embroidered denim jacket (mentioned at the top of our post). So, if you're looking to get your BFF a matching outfit gift, why not choose this one!


Our Cordelia bag comes in 3 colors. Black, white and gold. Take a look at how the lovely embroidery on each color is just a bit different. So, if you have a couple of BFFs (and most of us do!), you can even buy them each this bag, but in different colors. So, their bags don't quite match-y match.


Natural Quartz Raw Crystal Hair Clip



We have to admit, these hair clips are one of our favorite accessories this Winter season. If your BFF has beautiful hair, you've got to get her a couple of sets of these hair clips - because they have such a unique Boho style look to them!


Your BFF will love how each hair clip features genuine natural quartz in raw crystal form, which is simply beautiful. This shimmers and picks up the light. It's quite unique and something you aren't going to see everywhere.


Natural Quartz Crystal Bohemian Princess Tiara Handmade



Love our quartz crystal hair accessories? This is something we think will fascinate your BFF & it is perfect if she has a fun party or festival invitation coming up! Look at how many colors it comes in - 7! So, from blue, brown, green, yellow, bright pink, purple and more. It is quite simple to match to your BFFs party look.


If the 2 of you are going to a fun New Year's Eve party, this is the perfect holiday gift to give her. She will love dancing the night away, wearing her tiara. Why not? After all, you've always known that she's worn a tiara this entire time on the inside, why not wear one on the outside too!


Peace Hippie Gold Tone Pendant



Does your BFF believe the world needs more peace? We have the perfect gift that she will simply love! Take a look at this lovely gold peace sign necklace.


It is classic, with the well-known peace sign. It has a long gold chain included with the necklace. So, it is ready to put on and wear.


Compass Boho Necklace



Do you have a BFF who is always truly ethical and knows exactly what to do? That her moral compass truly guides her in every circumstance? This is a lovely gift that she will adore, that compliments her own internal compass. It's a symbol of her compass, with a classic outdoors sporting compass. The perfect conversation piece too.


Dreamcatcher Drop Necklace



Are you aware how important Dreamcatchers are spiritually? If you have one, according to Native American lore, they will capture any bad dreams that you have. By giving your BFF a Dreamcatcher necklace, you are encouraging only positive thoughts and daydreams to surround her!


TheYoungHippie has this necklace in both gold and silver, so you can choose exactly what she'll love.


Bohemian Beautiful Adjustable Feather Bracelet



Your BFF will love to have a feather in her life spiritually. This is the symbol to both guide and direct you. A feather that flies fast, means that your dreams will come true quickly. When you direct a feather through the air, you can move bad energy away or out of the room.


This is the perfect symbol to have right at her fingertips. She can wave her hand, to "swish" the feather and change the energy in the room. We can't imagine anything better you could give your BFF!


Retro Green Leaf Tassel Eardrop Earrings



Is your BFF passionate about Mother Earth? Here is the perfect gift for her - leaf style earrings! We have about 10 different styles, so look through the selection and we know that you'll find the perfect ones just for her. Perhaps she has a favorite tree, and you can choose the leaf shape from that tree. Why, she will adore that!


So, that is our perfect dozen gifts for your BFF! Don't get stressed! TheYoungHippie has dozens of fantastic gift ideas for your BFF, sister, Mom, neighbor, daughter and more. We've hand selected every item just to delight you this holiday season - so take a look & enjoy! 


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The peace pendant though and the denim, love them both. Thank you :-), I am coming back…


Great list! I’d definitely be down for one of the bags! :]


Jewelry makes such a great gift for friends and family! Great ideas <3


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