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5 Boho Outfits - You'll Only Find at The Young Hippie

Are you a huge fan of the Boho style? We understand completely! At The Young Hippie, you’ll find exclusive looks & styles that we know you’ll fall in love with. Here are 5 outfits, we’ve styled for you that are perfect for lots of fun Fall activities! 

One thing we know you're going to adore about shopping here, is that it is like making a new pack of girlfriends who have a fantastic sense of style. As if you are going shopping together all the time. Did you know, when we choose Boho clothing for every season, we sit down together with yummy healthy snacks and Chai tea, and pour over our selections? As if we are choosing for our own closets?


Because a lot of the times, we wind up wearing the outfits we choose here! Yes, a whole lot of love goes into choosing the clothes, accessories and adorable items you'll find here - so we know you'll always find a fantastic Hippie outfit when you shop at TheYoungHippie.


Not only do we choose individual items, but we really try to put together outfits with the separates that we pick out, because we know that most people shop like that too! So, we try to make finding your fabulous Boho Chic style looks incredibly easy.


For the Fall, you have luscious colors and some vibrant ones too. We love the sumptuous fabrics, as well as the soft, natural ones such as cotton and linen.


Come, stay for awhile as we go through 5 of our very favorite Fall outfits. Because we know you aren't going to want to miss looking your very best each day. Whether stepping out the door to your beloved yoga class, going to the farmer's market or wherever your day takes you - we've always got something terrific for you to choose. Let us know which one you love the most - if you can "just" pick one, that is!!!!

#1 Happy Fall Outfit 

Who can resist being happy about Fall? We certainly can't! This is perfect for apple and pumpkin picking, or for meeting your BFFs for chai tea. 

Happy Fall Logo T-ShirtAriana Loose Fit Striped Linen Pants | Dakota Western Inspired Tassel Bag | Peace Hippie Gold Tone Necklace 

#2. Autumn Flowers Feminine Outfit 

Going to Back to School night at your kid's school, have book club with friends or another event where you want to look great but also feel cozy? You can't go wrong with this outfit! 

Millie. Autumn Flowers Denim DressClaudia. Hippie Fringe Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag | Hippie Mandala Earrings 


#3. Hippie in Bloom Outfit 

Going to a party, or other gathering where you want to look your best? This is the Boho outfit to pick. 

Lily. Long Sleeve Floral Print Boho Dress'Peace' Hippie Retro Necklace | Poppy. Vintage Inspired Mini Bag 

#4. Fun Boho Date Night Look 

Whether it is Saturday night or another time, every lady needs that perfect date night look. 

Maisie. Bohemian Loose Fit Black Blouse | High Waist Boho Flare JeansAva. Feather & Tassel Hippie Messenger Bag | Tribal Boho Inspired Hoop Earrings | Chunky Boho Bangle

#5. Fun Boho Workday Style 

Whether you work in an office, a local bookstore or even from a home office, this is such a lovely dress, we know you won't be able to resist it. Best of all, it comes in more than 5 colors! 

Yasmin. Boho Casual Loose Fit DressAnita. Floral Boho Print Jacket | Nova. Retro Embroidered Handbag | Boho Swirl Tribal Earrings

As you can see, there is so much you can do with the Boho look! Day, night or for any fun activities you have planned! 

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