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Falling Leaves | The New Collection


“I hope I can be the autumn leaf,
who looked at the sky and lived.
And when it was time to leave,
gracefully it knew life was a gift.”


The seasons are changing, and with this a new hue of color is born. We're celebrating all things Autumnal with our NEW FALL COLLECTION, 'Falling Leaves.' 
From Fall inspired home decor to Autumn toned clothing, our collection has everything you need to make your Fall Aesthetic a reality. We've curated a stunning autumn collection that we think you'll love! 
These are just a few highlights from the collection!

We've selected items that are both stylish and functional as the weather changes, introducing thicker materials and fiery Autumnal tones. Whether you're looking for hippie dresses, boho jackets, retro harem pants, dungarees or more - we've got you covered with our new items!

We've introduced a new range of handbags, backpacks and wallets to our Fall Collection. We're a bit obsessed with them, so we hope you love them as much as we do! 

No outfit is complete without an added gem, and we've added new bohemian inspired jewelry lines. From tribal earrings to delicate necklaces, we've got everything you could ever want!

As the air outside grows crisper, it's time to spend more time in the comfort of your own home. With that comes an excellent excuse to treat yourself to some new fall-inspired home decor! 


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