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Boho Chic Style 101: How to Get Started

Did you know that Boho Chic has been in style for more than 10 years? The name of this fun style was inspired by an Australian fashion journalist, Laura Demasi who said it in 2002. Today, so many women and teen girls have fallen in love with being totally Boho Chic! If you've never worn this style, no worries, here are a few tips to get you started!
Tip #1: Always choose natural fabrics
To be 110% Boho Chic, you want to select natural fabrics. Some Boho beloved favorites include cotton, linen, suede and velvet. As you can see, each of these are incredibly comfortable & but also super stylish too. 

Tip #2: Consider both colors & hues that are inspired by nature & also those that are incredibly vibrant too
Any woman who wears the Boho look, loves Mother Earth. So, whether you want to select fabrics that look like the sand at the beach, the ocean's wave, a puffy white cloud or even a lovely blooming flower, colors and hues most often that a Boho lady picks are found in nature. But don't neglect too those vibrant, jewel colored colors too, such as sapphire, emerald and ruby - as these are popular ones to add to your wardrobe in Fall/Winter. 

Tip #3: Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!
No outfit is complete without one or a few well-placed accessories. You actually need to put as much time & thought into these, as you do the rest of your wardrobe choices. Lace, crochet, leather, suede and gemstones are all quite popular elements you'll see in accessories from head to toe. Do remember that Boho Chic is in part inspired from previous decades, so don't be shy about reaching back to the 1960's and 1970's, to see what delightful accessorizes catch your eye!

Tip #4: Clothing is always comfortable 
Now, we think this is one of the big secrets to the huge popularity of the Boho Chic style! When you wear Boho head to toe, you never have to worry about wearing a dress that is too stuffy or shoes that are way too tight. No! Everything is going to be perfect for the season's weather, and comfortable - so you can simply enjoy your day.

Tip#5: Turn to velvet & velour in chilly weather


Not only do these scrumptious fabrics look so luxurious, but they are 100% natural (like Tip#1!) and are incredibly cozy and warm.


You can easily celebrate winter holidays or parties while wearing these lovely fabrics, and you look so elegant from head to toe.


Tip#6 Consider vintage style jewelry


Take a look at TheYoungHippie & you'll see that we have quite a few vintage inspired styles of jewelry. This is one of the most popular Boho Chic style trends, and it helps your outfits to always look incredibly unique.


Don't simply pick out jewelry you love, but choose items that you know will spark a conversation - that will catch someone's eye!


Tip#7 Think about the entire outfit - not just 1 thing


This is a huge factor when it comes to Boho Chic. When you see a woman who wears the Boho Chic style look, you know that she has put thought & care into everything about what she is wearing. The Boho look always has a unique look to it that expresses your own personality and is not "just" Boho.


Tip#8 Don't forget the shoes!!!


You can have so much fun with shoes in the Boho Chic style! Latest celebrities have been caught wearing Boho style sneakers. One of our favorite looks are winter's season Boho boots. But you can find Boho chic footwear for every season, including fantastic sandals.


Tip#9 Dress to show off your ink or piercings


The Boho Chic style totally embraces individuality. So, if you have a lovely tattoo on your wrist or piercing in your ears, be sure to dress so you can show these off to their fullest!


Tip#10 Boho Chic looks amazing every season


This is our favorite thing about the Boho Chic style. You can wear macramé and crochet in the spring and summer. Cashmere and pashmina in the winter. Then you can wear soft cotton and wool in the fall. All while accessorizing so you always look beautiful. Boho Chic celebrates every season. So Be Boho Chic!!!!

Boho Chic Looks We Know You'll Love 

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