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Boo-spakular Boho Halloween Style for Halloween Parties

Boo-spakular Boho Halloween Style for Halloween Parties 

Probably this won't shock you - but Halloween parties for adults are now even more popular than for little kids! So, if you've got a couple of eVites popping up, asking you to come to a fun Halloween bash, now is the time to pick out a great outfit. 

Not every adult Halloween party is a costume one. Some adults like to get together for a fun party, have spooky themed cocktails and may wear a witch hat, angel halo or something else on their head instead of an entire costume. Why? Because once you've reached true adulthood, you know you can buy great clothes that you can wear all season for $50 - instead of a cute Halloween costume that will only be worn for just a few hours at a party!

More and more adults do something fun to celebrate Halloween. Maybe you're having a party with your best pals. Or people you know from work are getting together for some spooky and silly fun at the end of the day. No one likes a wet blanket, someone who won't get into the mood and celebrate a holiday properly.


Fortunately, we have some fun Boho style outfits we know you'll love that are perfect for a Halloween party. But you don't have to drop extra cash on a costume that you'll only wear once that year. Why not buy a lovely Boho Chic dress or outfit that you can put on lots more times? We thought you'd completely agree with us!


Don't forget to consider adding a couple of Halloween themed accessories, from your local Halloween or party store. You can usually find light up pumpkin necklaces, a simple (or more elaborate!) witch's hat, or other accessories to wear on your head, such as an angel's halo, a unicorn horn, devil's horns and so many adorable animal ears like cat, puppy, bunny and foxes too! With your stylish Boho look and adding a little Halloween accessory - you are 110% ready for any Halloween fun that comes your way.


One of the things we completely adore about the looks we are recommending to you, is that not only do you look perfect - but you can come from wherever you were and you are entirely "party ready." So, if you've been in college classes all day, at work or have been out getting things done, there is absolutely no worry about running late for the Halloween party.


So, take a look at our Halloween party Boho Chic outfits. We know you'll find new favorites that you've simply got to have!


So, we've got some fantastic choices for you, when you RSVP "Yes!" to that Halloween party! 

Yasmin Boho Casual Loose Fit Dress

This dress comes in a variety of colors, including Black, Army Green and Coffee. So, if you have a witch hat in mind as your costume, this sexy Boho long dress in Black is your perfect choice! Or if you want to wear animal ears - like a cat, fox or bunny, choose the Brown dress. Go as Mother Nature, carrying a bouquet of flowers, wearing the lovely green dress. Best of all, you can wear this Fall Boho dress for the rest of the season too! 

Rory Short Sleeve Boho Striped Long Dress 


Now, this is a dress, we know you simply can't resist! One of the best costumes for this dress is artist & poet Freida Kahlo. Braid your hair on both sides, and add dark, thick eyebrows that nearly come together, plus a deep colored lipstick such as plum. Kahlo wrote lots of beautiful poetry, if you memorize a short poem, then you'll be sure to impress so many people at the Halloween party! 

Hayden Western Inspired Boho Loose Jacket

You'll find this both in Black and Brown, with beautiful delicate embroidery. This is a fun costume when you want to be a classic 1960's hippie. Complete this costume with denim jeans, ideally flared (like bootcut style), and either a long-sleeved or short sleeved light color tee (depending on the weather. 

Helena Hippie Loose Fit Skirt 

This is one of our favorite skirts this season! Choose this for a fun Halloween look, when you either want to look like you've attended a fantastic festival, or you were at the 1969 Woodstock! Don't forget the classic sandals if you are going for the Woodstock costume! 

Don't Forget to Bring an Incredible Hostess Gift! Try One of Our Favorites!


VW Caravan Retro Ceramic Cup


So charming & 110% Hippie too! Why, she'll always think of you whenever she has a cuppa and her favorite snack.


Remember we have them in 4 colors, so it is super easy to pick out her favorite color. Or buy her the entire set, perfect for when she has her friends over, and you enjoy that new matcha or chai tea she wants everyone to try.


Rainbow Boho Wooden Wall Hanging Decor


Now we know that not only are you going to want to get this for your friend, but probably one for yourself too! Hang this in the kitchen, so every day starts out with a delightful rainbow and a smile.


Boho Hexagonal Storage Jewelry Box


When attending a Halloween party, you want your hostess gift to be all Treats & no Tricks! Take a look at our lovely, wooden jewelry boxes for a unique gift for your BFF hostess! We have a variety of styles; you can pick one you know she'll love.


Want to make this gift even more special? Look at our earrings collection - and get her a pair which will make her smile when she opens this delightful little jewelry box!


Have a Happy Halloween everyone & enjoy those fun Boho Halloween Parties!


We've got plenty of terrific Fall styles in this season - so order early, before your favorites are gone! And have a Spooky & Silly Boho Halloween! 

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