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Fall in love with Boho Accessories

Mmmm...can you feel it in the air? Fall is finally here. You can bite into crisp, fresh apples that are in season and go pick your own pumpkin for Halloween. Vibrant fall leaves swirl from the sky and then crunch, crunch, crunch under our feet. We've put aside our iced coffees for warmer drinks, such as chai, or a green tea or even the super popular pumpkin spiced latte. But our very favorite Fall tradition of all? Switching out your Fall accessories, to compliment this season's trends!

We know you're going to grin from ear to ear because TheYoungHippie has all of your new-to-you favorites that you're going to want for this season. So, whether you are going about your day, date night with your sweetie, or you are at work, we've got the perfect Boho Fall accessories to make any outfit earn an A+!

Here are some we know you're going to want to take a special look at!

Claudia. Hippie Fringe Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag

Now, this is a twist on the modern favorite - a fringe bag. We just adore the handle! Which fits so easily over your shoulder & is not only stylish but super comfy too.

It’s a generously sized bag, it is simple to carry whatever you need, no matter where you are going. TheYoungHippie has it in lots of colors - Khaki, Black, Grey, Pink, Tan, and Red. We recommend you get a "fun" color (like Red) and then also one of the neutrals (like Grey), so it will go with everything!



 Bohemian Hair Feathers

Going to Festivals this Fall? Take a look at our stunning feathers for your hair! They come in 3 colors, and we know everyone will notice your "crowning glory" when you put these on!

Best of all, they are super simple to apply and are quite comfortable to wear. So, all you have to do is smile and receive all of the compliments.

While we think they look ideal with your hair down, you can also have fun styling your hair with them up if you choose.

Cordelia. Embroidered Floral Boho Shoulder Bag 

There is an old saying: "Good things come in small packages." Well, we have to agree! If you want a sensational but smaller purse, this is the one to pick.

The embroidery is jaw-dropping. We have it in several colors & styles. In Red & blue, you'll see the embroidery features a lovely blooming rose. But in Gold? There is an amazing bird and nature scene.

Choose this bag, for when you want to dress up & always receive compliments "Where did you get that?"

Vintage Boho Double Buckle Waist Belt

Is your waist one of your best features? Show it off, with this fantastic, vintage style Boho belt! With silver metal accents and black vegan leather, everyone will notice it instantly.

We recommend wearing it with jeans, a shirtdress or skirts that have belt loops. This will complete your outfit!


Corinne. Boho Crossbody Messenger Bag 

We have to admit, that we just love this bag! It's one of the roomier stylish bags you'll see. If you want to bring your tablet wherever you go, it can be done with this Boho bag, without any type of fuss - and yes, you can still carry everything else you need & want.


This is JUST a preview of our fun Fall 2019 collection of Boho accessories – so get excited to see even more! Are you ready to fall in love with Fall Boho accessories? We are! Happy Fall to You!


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