Festival Wear For 2022 - The Ultimate Boho Guide

Festival Wear For 2022 - The Ultimate Boho Guide

The top festival wear trends for 2022 to rock every festival you attend


Boho Festival Wear Guide 2022

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Festival season has arrived, and so have the outfit trends we’ll see all across the year. Unlike prior times, current days are all about what type of clothing you wear to a festival; if you’re following the theme, coming up with something new, or going for the classic model-off-duty effortless look. Of course, you’re free to choose whatever style you’re comfortable with, and we’re here for it!

Today, we bring the top festival wear trends you should know about for this year. Including top and bottom pieces, accessories, and more, we hope you find this article super helpful the next time you’re planning an outfit for a festival.


Festival Wear Trends

Nowadays, the clothes you wear at a festival seem equally important as the artists you pay to see. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

Many trends have come and gone over the years regarding fashion at festivals, and we’ve truly seen it all. From normal streetwear looks to full-on glam, spending a few days in the desert listening to incredible artists has become a unique experience you should try out this year. 

And if you’re looking for the upcoming trends for 2022 festivals, we’ve got your back. Take a look at the most awaited fashion trends of the year you can wear to enjoy a good time with good company and great music. 


Crochet For Days

Perhaps the biggest festival trend of 2022 has to be crochet. From cute granny square boho kimonos to popular crochet tank tops, the handmade trend has come to stay. 

Artisanal fashion is stepping strongly in 2022, with many colorful and unique pieces debuting in high-end runways of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world; this lead to a major “comeback” of crochet trends, or rather a more rebooted version of the classic knitted pieces we all know about. 

Festivals like Coachella, recently celebrated in April, had a strong crochet presence, and future festivals such as Burning Man, to be celebrated in August, will see too. The most popular pieces as of today are knitted cardigans, boho turtlenecks with long sleeves, and matching cropped tops and skirts.

Crochet pieces are timeless, which you can use for your everyday look as well as a great addition to any outfit for a trendy festival outfit. They are both warm enough to wear in winter and light enough to enjoy a summer festival dressed like a crochet pro.


Y2K Comeback

The 90s are back, and Y2K-inspired clothing and accessories are the number one festival fashion trend to look for this year. Everything gold such as head chains and sunglasses are what you should be looking for in any store you visit. 

Since the pandemic and the rise of social media platforms like TikTok, the Y2K trends have surfaced again, and we cannot get enough of them. Outfits including knitted crop tops and corduroy bottoms are basically the norm here. Of course, you’re free to wear whatever your heart desires, and we're here for it. Take a look at our broad catalog and find your perfect style, we’ve got you covered (sentimentally and quite literally). 

This trend is great for festivals because it is super comfortable and inexpensive, plus you can turn your street look and model-off-duty outfits into unique festival clothing. Affordable clothing and versatile styles, is there anything better? We don’t think so.


Long Boho Dresses

For outdoor festivals, there’s nothing better than a nice-looking long boho dress. They are super comfortable, breathable, and make you look like a complete goddess (or god, you do you!). Further, they come in many different colors and with various patterns so you can choose the perfect one for you.

Some classic long boho dresses we’re seeing among festivals include floral kimono-inspired pieces, maxi-length dresses, and dreamy lace dresses. Apart from long boho clothing, there are many celebrities imposing new fashion trends that combine traditional full-length dresses with modern touches, creating pieces like this pencil dress, giving a true gypsy vibe. 

You can pair your long boho dress with trendy accessories like a suede bag, a leaf-shaped belt, or even tassel flat boots. The possibilities are endless, and you’re in full control here. 


Unique Jackets

If you’re planning to attend a festival, no matter how hot you feel it is, a jacket is always a good thing to bring in your bag. The Western style is back again and stronger than ever, which is why you’ll be seeing plenty of suede tassel jackets at every festival.

They are great for pictures and for keeping you warm. Is never good to catch a cold after a night of fun, or even miss some of it due to freezing in the desert.  

Take a look at our catalog to find exclusive thin jackets, classic boho kimonos as well as vintage-inspired denim jackets. 


What To Wear To A Festival Wrap Up

We hope this article helps you find a unique and comfortable style you can rock at any festival you attend this year. With the festival wear trends mentioned above, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of options to try and see what fits best for you. 

Because we like to make things as easy as possible for you, we included some incredible outfits you can check out that are both cute and affordable, as well as made from top-quality fabrics that will allow you to enjoy your clothing for a very long time (and for many festivals to come). We’re proud to offer versatile and affordable clothing for all shapes and sizes, always prioritizing quality materials over anything. 

Keep an eye out for other articles we post regarding boho fashion and upcoming trends for every occasion you need. Discover all of our collections in our catalog and enter the exclusive world of boho fashion today. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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