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Get Cozy with Boho Fall Jackets

What's not to love about Fall? The air gets a bit crisper and cooler. You can feel autumn leaves crunching under your feet as you walk. Time to go apple and pumpkin picking. But there's one thing you really, really need: a totally boho-licious fall jacket for the season. No worries! TheYoungHippie's got you covered! 

Jackets you'll find at TheYoungHippie can both cover you when it comes to fantastic Boho style & cozy warmth too. If Fall tends to get chillier where you are, take a look at our corduroy jackets to keep you super toasty all season long.


What we think you'll love about our jackets; is how easily they blend with the Fall & Winter 2019 Boho styles and color palates. There are warm, golden yellows and oranges, along with vibrant reds and deep burgundies. You'll also see purple and green, colors that go so nicely with this set of colors.


The jackets we've chosen for you most often can be dressed up or down. So, if you are going to an evening birthday party, or to school or work, it's easy to grab for the exact same jacket. But we have to admit that with our budget-friendly prices, you're probably going to be tempted to pick up at least 2 for the season. Who could resist adding even more Boho style to their wardrobe, when it becomes all the more possible? We thought you would agree.


Most of our jackets will easily take you right into Winter, depending on how chilly that season is for your area. If you get lots and lots of snow and ice, then you may need to add more layers and a thick scarf with hat and gloves to your outerwear.


Take a look at our Fall Boho jackets, we know you are going to see those classic vintage styles you've always loved and then some new-to-you favorites to add to your Boho style for the season. Get excited! You're going to look amazing!


If you are Boho or Hippy, then you know that your jacket is not just about staying warm, but a style or fashion statement too. You want it to complete your outfit’s look. That’s why it is so important to be choosy about which one you pick. Fortunately, we’ve hand curated a fabulous collection of Fall jackets this season, we think you will fall head over heels for. Your hardest choice? Will be to choose only one of them! 

Choose this one and enjoy it all season long, even well into winter too. It's just a bit oversized, so super easy to get your favorite sweater on underneath, and a turtleneck too. We are in love with the embroidery and know you will be too!
Now, this has easily been a huge fan favorite at TheYoungHippie this season. So, if it catches your eye - get it now, before it is gone! We love this Boho style in the embroidery and think it has a very unique look. 
A fantastic jacket and shows off your trim waistline, all with a great crop look too. In a yummy pumpkin-y Fall color that goes with everything in this season's wardrobe.
When you want to look tough, but also a bit of a softie too! This jacket has classic motorcycle lines, but the softness of the suede and this lovely rose pink color makes it completely irresistible. 
We have it in a nutmeg-like brown, if you prefer a more neutral color for Fall.
So cozy and especially ideal if your Fall weather gets more frosty than crisp! We love the pattern it has on it too. 
Looking for a feminine, cozy Boho Fall jacket? We've got a true winner for you!
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