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Have the Best Virtual Date Ever!

Don’t let social distancing ruin your love life! Did you know that lots of couples – even first dates – are now happening virtually?

You can use technology such as FaceTime, Skype and Zoom to be together from the comfort of your own places (yours decorated to reflect your style) when you are unable to actually be face-to-face for that next romantic date. But it’s time to get really excited, ‘cause we’re going to tell you how to have the very best virtual date…ever!

Some of our tips may seem simple and others – just like going on any type of date – will date a bit of effort – but we promise you, that they are totally worth it. Feel free to share your own favorite tips in the comments below too!

Tip #1: plan a fun activity

Yes, you are stuck in your apartment or home for that virtual date, so you can’t hold hands and be next to each other. But this does not mean you can’t enjoy a fun activity together.

Take a look at Netflix, where you can watch the same movie together. To make this more interactive, why not select the movie choice together ahead of time before you schedule the viewing, just the way you would with any other date? Try to send your date a couple of choices of movies that you like so they have a few to pick from.

Tip #2: don’t forget to “set the scene”

One of the things we’ve always loved about dating? Going to a romantic restaurant or other place with amazing ambiance. Picking out the perfect dress? Well, if you are virtual dating, then it is 110% up to you two to create this!

The very first thing you can do, is simply be aware of what is in view of your webcam or cellphone cam. Clear out the clutter and make your space look neat and inviting.

If you have a landline phone, turn down the ringer so it won’t ring during your date and interrupt you – and you won’t feel tempted to pick it up. Also let your BFFs know you have a date so they wont instant message you during it, so you won’t need to respond to them, you can stay focused on your date.

Try dimming the lights a bit or lighting a candle to create a bit of romance if you wish, depending on your activity.

If this is your first date with someone, a virtual date is a good time to show them your personality. So be sure that your home décor shows your best self and anything in camera view is something that will help someone get to know you. Such as your amazing cookbook collection.

Tip #3: look completely amazing!

At TheYoungHippie, you’ll find some terrific outfits ideal for your virtual date. Do remember that while most of the time your date will see you from either the shoulders up or the waist up, you still want to be attractively dressed from the waist down, in case you stand up to move your web cam or do anything else. We all want to make a great impression on a first date – and you’ll look a little goofy if you’re wearing an amazing top and then your oldest sweatpants matched with them!

Here are a couple of our favorite choices for your virtual date:

Aurora. Beautiful Backless Bohemian Dress


This dress is ideal either for a daytime or evening date. It comes in several colors so you have plenty of choice with this dress style.


Leah. Boho Casual Long Length Sundress


Such a lovely floral pattern, and this dress shows off your toned arms and sun-kissed glow (even if it is from bronzer or self-tanner for now!). In this sundress, we know you will seem like a sunny spring day and make your date grin from ear to ear.




Now this is the dress to choose if you want pure romance. Especially ideal for a virtual candlelight dinner for two.


Cylish. Lace Crop Top



We love the look of this top. Remember with virtual dating – most of your dates will see you from the waist up – and this is such a fun, feminine Boho style! Pair it with a skirt of your favorite jeans.


Tip #4: remember that virtual dating will (sometime soon!) become IRL

IRL = in real life. So while virtual dating does not seem typical, and you may feel a little silly lighting a candle there while he does the same, you will have a fun dating story to tell your friends not too long from now.

Enjoy virtual dating & stay always that fun, young hippie!

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These are some super cute ideas!


I never thought virtual dating was an option so I’m glad I read your article so that I know how to prepare. Good tips!

Robyn Jones

This has become my normal life since my boyfriend and I are not in the same city. It’s so important to stay connected and close even with the distance. I love the app House Party! We use it every day :)


What a great way to adapt to the current situation. Definitely helps to have some ideas to make the best of the experience.


So many great ideas! I feel like I am having lots of virtual friends and family dates!

Neely Moldovan

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