hot boho trends 2022

Hot Boho Fashion Trends For Summer 2022

The top 5 boho trends for a stylish summer 2022 you need to know ASAP

hottest summer boho trends 2022

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Boho fashion has been around for quite a while, with a few festivals here and there helping the trend cross all lands and seas. Social media has definitely helped bohemian fashion reach many people’s lives and help them discover their style regarding clothing, accessories, and mindset.

Since we strive for providing our customers with the best clothing items and the latest boho fashion trends, we decided to write a helpful article about what’s to come this year in bohemian style. Below you can read about the top 5 trends for a boho-inspired summer, including day-to-day pieces you can purchase to spice up your closet, unique head accessories as well as classic boho clothing you need to have. 


Loose Dresses For Every Occasion

Losee dresses are a hot trend to look for this summer if you want to achieve a boho look. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, thus they are made with light fabrics and the cutest patterns and designs, but they also make you look more put together without even trying. 

The Young Hippie has an exquisite collection of loose dresses for every occasion you have. Wedding time? say yes to the Becky Lace full-length Dress for a unique and bohemian bride look. Fancy dinner time? The Belle Gypsy pencil Dress will do the trick.  

The thing with loose dresses is that they are great as under your sleeve for anything you need to do in your day. And since there are many options to choose from, you can assemble your own little collection of boho dresses and forget about ever worrying about what to wear.


All-Day Rompers

We’ve all probably worn a romper or two when we were kids, and honestly, it was one of the best things. They are super comfortable and cute at the same time, and now that 2022 is all about wearing earthy tones, we have assembled the perfect romper and jumpsuit collection.  

From classic loose-fitted cotton rompers that make your silhouette look amazing without feeling too tight, to short-and-fun flowy pieces excellent for going out or attending a festival. Our two best-sellers, Liberty and Lorraine are the ones you need to have in your wardrobe this year for sure. 

Furthermore, rompers and jumpsuits can save you a lot of time when deciding what to wear thus you already have your bottom and top pieces together! Isn’t that a lifesaving clothing trick to know about? 

There are many patterns and styles to choose from in our catalog and you should definitely go and take a look. Your next go-to clothing piece might be waiting for you.


Unique Jewelry

Jewelry is a must for every outfit, and this summer’s hot boho fashion trends include wearing minimalist gold accessory pieces you identify with. From our bohemian style jewelry with a vintage style catalog, you can find bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more, all perfect for every outfit you put together.

From classic feather drop pendants to bohemian Greecian bangles, we have all the jewelry pieces you need to have in order to spice up your everyday look in seconds. Not only does jewelry make your clothes look better, but they also hold a special meaning for you. Having a favorite pair of earrings or a special necklace you can wear every day is great for establishing a sense of belonging and feeling like yourself. 

We also have shell chokers for all surfers and ocean lovers out there. Our conch shell necklace is one of our favorite and best-seller items.


Boho Pattern Jackets

Is always great to have a cute jacket or coat in your closet, not only for going out but to stay warm and comfy at home. We have the most beautiful and excellent-fitting boho jackets you could search for. 

 Kimonos are great for buying this season, and The Young Hippie has them in all shapes, sizes, and colors. As for winter cloaks, we happen to have the best and cutest designs with the same top-quality as every other clothing item we offer; you’ll be spending the warmest winter of your life.

 What’s more, vintage-inspired denim jackets for a chic everyday look (model-off-duty if you ask us). Or if you want to fulfill your dream of wearing the biggest fuzzy jacket ever, we happen to have only the best one for you. Take a look at our entire boho and hippie jackets catalog and start creating your dream closet on a budget. 


Headpieces For A Goddess Look

No boho outfit would be completed without a head accessory. Headbands come—quite literally—in all shapes and sizes. From traditional flower crowns to unique head chains, The Young Hippie has it all. 

Take a look at our newly-renovated accessories lookbook that includes boho statement earrings, crystal hair clips, silver rings, and even flat boots. Your next outfit will be out of this world with our extensive collection of accessories.

Headpieces are excellent for keeping your hair looking its best, out of your face, and like you just exited a goddess temple. Make no mistake and run to our website to purchase some and enhance your inner Aphrodite, all at the lowest price and highest quality you can find.


Hot Boho Fashion Trends 2022

We covered the top 5 boho fashion trends of this iconic year. Starting with some classic loose dresses for your everyday looks (which are also great for events and weddings), all-day rompers and jumpsuits for staying comfortable at home or going to work with style, as well as unique boho jewelry (feather and conch shell pieces that are to die for), pattern jackets for a warm winter and finally headpieces for fulfilling your dream of channeling your inner goddess.

The Young Hippie has an extensive and special collection of clothing and accessories that are top-quality at affordable prices. Take a look at our catalog and assemble your dream closet on a budget and with unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else. 

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