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Isn't it Romantic? 7 First Date Looks, Just for You!

"The best part about a first kiss is right before the first kiss." -- Brett Davern 

Do you have a first date soon? How exciting! We know that you will want to look your Boho best. 

At TheYoungHippie, we have some romantic styles that are especially ideal to catch your sweetie's eye, on that very important first date. Why does this matter so much? Because if this person turns out to be someone special in your life, you will be telling the story of your first date to everyone you know, perhaps even as part of the wedding toast! 

What we think you will love about our winter Boho chic collection at TheYoungHippie, is we have lots of looks that will be simply perfect to make a fantastic first impression. Remember: that is a huge part of going on a first date. Because your first date begins any relationship, and anything that happens will be imprinted on someone's mind.


When your future new sweetie opens the door to come pick you up for a date, you want them to think you look beautiful & absolutely amazing. But not only that, you don't want to look as if you just choose an outfit off the page of a Big Box store catalog and got everything from head to toe! Well, when you shop at TheYoungHippie, it's as if you have your latest BFFs right along with you to advise you about what to choose - because we've critiqued & hand selected every single item, so it is entirely Boho Fabulous! And we know completely what it feels like to get ready for a first date, and we want to look fantastic too - so we've only chosen things that we would wear too.


Always remember to try to find out what activity your date has planned. Even if you are going to dinner or lunch, you can look up the restaurant online, to see if it is a fancy place or more low-key, to be certain you're picking that ideal first date look. Sometimes the best choice is something where you can add a pashmina shawl, a scarf, sweater or other type of wrap - so if you feel cold then you instantly feel more comfortable. This way you can 110% focus on your first date, without stressing that you have goosebumps not out of a first date crush - but because you are totally freezing!


Never overthink your look for a first date - hippies trust their hearts and know to go with their gut. We know you'll look awesome and beautiful with the style that you choose. Take a look at our First Date Looks, and let us know your favorites!

Half Sleeve Embroidered Boho Dress 


Perfect for dinner at that restaurant the two of you have been dying to try. The embroidery is feminine and delicate. 

Tegan. Retro Inspired Floral Summer Dress 

Tegan. Retro Inspired Floral Summer Dress - The Young Hippie

Are you going to an art opening? You'll want an outfit that is both romantic & elegant too. This is a lovely choice. 

Jasmine. Faux Suede Off-Shoulder Boho Chic Dress 

Is your date planning to take you to a cocktail party where he wants to show you off to his friends? Or are you going to a restaurant that is hard to get into? Choose this sophisticated Boho chic dress!

Fall Floral Print Bohemian Casual Dress 


Do you have a date who is taking you to hear his friends play in a local band? Choose this dress, you're ready to dance the night away too if the mood hits! 

Lily. Long Sleeve Floral Print Boho Dress 

Are you going on a date to a local farm, to have a vegetarian lunch & pat the animals? Here is the perfect dress to wear!

Ella. Hippie Floral Midi Dress 

Has he invited you to a party with all of his friends? Choose this lovely dress, you'll be ready to enjoy the evening, celebrate and dance when the music inspires you! 

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