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It's Holiday Party Season: 5 Fun Boho Outfits for Every Occasion!

"Fashion fades, only style remains the same." -- Coco Chanel 

It's one of our favorite times of year: not just the winter holiday season, but party season time! And we know you'll want to wear Boho style from head to toe. At TheYoungHippie, you can find the latest Hippie chic outfits that will turn heads, no matter what type of invite appears in your Inbox or mailbox. So, let's get you dressed - Boho style! 

When going to an elegant occasion, try something such as this stylish Boho look. We love our Scarlett dress, because it is a touch feminine and fully captures the Hippie style too. We have it in three colors, if you're attending a Winter Solstice party, you may want to pick it out in blue. For a Christmas party or Yule party green could be a great option. We think you will look charming & delightful, especially by candlelight! 

If you're like most of us, then you look forward to holiday party season, as much as Santa Claus coming down the chimney on Christmas Eve! And who wouldn't? Winter holiday parties have such yummy meals, desserts, fantastic mocktails and drinks. You can't resist the music that makes you want to dance the night away.


Winter holiday parties are often one of the best times to get together with your friends. If you are in college or school, they are the perfect time to "see everyone" - because you know that they will show up for sure. After all, who is going to miss a party?!? That's right - absolutely no one!


So, there's everything to love about holiday party season. It's a time to celebrate the holidays, be with family and friends and especially to see people you might not see regularly at other times of the year. So always, always, always be sure to RSVP "yes!" when you get a holiday party invitation - you never know if your former BFF from grade school will walk in the door next!


Here at TheYoungHippie, we have everything you need to stay 110% Boho Chic style and enjoy every holiday party that comes up. We recommend that you plan to have at least 2 holiday party outfits in your closet at all times, because an invite may pop up on your cellphone - even if you aren't expecting it! A friend can get invited to a party & can ask that you should come too, that's very often how parties become so much fun.


Take a look at these 5 fantastic & fun special Boho Chic outfits, just in time for the holiday party season. Because everyone is going to admire YOU when you walk in the door!

Scarlett. Ruffle Chiffon Bohemian Holiday Dress

Evie. Vintage Bucket Bag with Tassels

Dreamcatcher Drop Necklace

Going to a holiday party, right after work? That is often a popular choice, but can be super challenging when it comes to what to wear. Because you want to be professional during the day - but also super festive when it's party time! 

We have the ideal solution for you with our Jasmine dress, available in faux suede. We have it in 5 colors, so it is easy to select your favorite. Many for winter holiday parties will especially want to pick red, green or even the classic black for a "little black dress" look. 

With an off the shoulder dress, you can camouflage this during the day, by simply putting a cardigan over your shoulders. Or even a scarf! No one will be the wiser. When it is time to leave for the party, simply change your accessories! 

Jasmine. Faux Suede Off-Shoulder Boho Chic Dress

Nova. Retro Embroidered Handbag

Bohemian Hippie Bracelet for Women

Dressing for a work party takes a lot of thought and preparation. While you want to be stylish and show your personality, you also want to always put your best foot forward. Nothing too sexy, or anything that could wind up having a wardrobe malfunction that could wind up on Instagram or Snapchat forever! 

Here is an outfit we know you can chat with your boss's boss in, and they will think you look lovely. Why, they may even ask you where you shop! 

Helena. Hippie Loose Fit Skirt

Daisy. Long Lace Crochet Boho Top

Claudia. Hippie Fringe Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag

Chunky Boho Bangle

Invited to a holiday party...with a date? Now, this can be very romantic, because holiday parties can be so sweet and sentimental, gathering with family and friends. Certainly, this is a time when you'll want to look your very best. No, worries! TheYoungHippie has got you covered. Try this outfit to catch his eye all evening long!

Half Sleeve Embroidered Boho Dress

Sophia. Boho Tassel Handbag

Fringe Vintage Boho Tassel Earrings

Are you the "hostess with the most-ess?" Is the holiday party at your home this year? Wear this outfit, and you'll get compliments again and again!

Boho Style Crochet Floral Lace Sexy Long Sleeve Embroidery Dresses

Harley. Vintage Print Boho Clutch Bag

Crescent Moon Boho Necklace

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