Places You Can Visit (Virtually!) While Staying at Home

Let’s face it: we are all spending more time at home than we really want to. It is incredibly frustrating!

Fortunately, not only are there lots of fun things to do, now that most of the world is in this situation – people and organizations are coming together to create even more activities to delight & entertain us.

Do keep in mind that while we are listing national & international activities, there are probably things that are right in your community. Your local library may be doing their monthly book club online. Some gyms are offering exercise classes virtually. Even beauty salons are providing videos, so you can make your hair and nails look their best, when you can’t keep up regular appointments.  Don't forget our accessories page for ideas!

Take a look at some of these activities, as we are sure you are going to find some that will make you smile. Do know that there are lots more added every day. Celebrities and other entertainers are offering concerts and fun things, whether during the day, evenings and even on holidays too!




Google Earth - visit USA National Parks


At the National Trust for Historical Preservation you can visit lovely historical sites


Visit Buckingham Palace




Tony Deseare performs daily quarantine concerts


Diplo is Livestreaming concerts now - enjoy!


Ben Gibbard does concerts from home


The Roots (this is the band that plays on The Jimmy Fallon Show) is doing regular concerts on YouTube


Take a look at this HUGE list of concerts & livestreamed music events, at Billboard Magazine (they are

constantly updating this, so be sure to "bookmark" this page and then check it for regular updates)




Andrew Lloyd Weber streams Broadway shows free online


Hang on out with Miley Cyrus & her pals Monday through Friday in the afternoons on Instagram


Just for Fun


Nikon offers free photography classes for April


Comixology Unlimited - try reading more than 25K comics for 60 days for free


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  • Marysa on

    These are fun things to check out from the comfort of home. It is neat to explore new places online if we can’t get outside.

  • Heather on

    What an awesome list! We are homeschoolers, and it has been wonderful to see all the different resources open up. Thanks for sharing :-)

  • Beth on

    Oooo thanks for this! I’m excited about the historical sites one. :)

  • Neely Moldovan on

    Wow this is so cool! I love how many great things you can do online right now!

  • Kathleen on

    Thanks for this! Will definitely check out the Buckingham Palace! Haha.

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