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Planning a Beach Getaway this Winter? Our Best Boho Style Vacay Tips for You!

If you've got a sunny getaway scheduled for the snowy season, you're not alone! Who could resist those clear turquoise, warm ocean waters, sandy beaches & tempting umbrella drinks? We thought you'd agree - and we didn't even mention the opportunity to dance all night! 

Don't get stressed about getting ready for your upcoming vacay, we've got you completely covered. Here are 5 of our best packing tips, so you've got everything you need right at your fingertips. 

#1. Always pack both casual & dressy outfits - but be strategic! 

Here is the trick: if you are going away for 3 days, 5 days or 7 days (a week), then you obviously know that you need to wear clothes every single day. But no one wants to carry 7 individual items for a week's vacation! Try to choose items that can mix & match with other things, such as a skirt that can be worn either casually or dressy. 

#2. Put your shoes into bags

No this does not need to be super fancy. Travel stores sell cloth and nylon bags you can buy inexpensively. You can even use a plastic bag, such as the type you would get at the grocery store to bring home produce in. Keep in mind that your shoes - no matter how tidy you keep them - will always have tiny bits of dirt and grime on them, and you won't want these on your outfits that you pack. 

#3. Learn to roll the clothing that you pack

Okay, the first time you do this, it both looks and feels totally weird. But we know when you see how much space it saves; you're going to be sold on this idea! You want to fold the arms or legs of an item in, so you have a straight rectangle and then fold it. Keep in mind how large your suitcase is when you size things to roll them. 

#4. Remember there are some things you really don't need to pack 

Staying at a hotel or a beach resort? Then there is absolutely zero need for you to pack your hairdryer - there will be one in the bathroom where you are staying. Don't bring most of your "basic" beauty products - such as lotion, simply plan on buying bottles or containers that you'll use while you are on vacation and then toss before returning home. 

#5. Leave more room for souvenirs than you think you need

It always happens. You leave a little space in your suitcase for souvenirs and then you find something fantastic that you must have. Then bringing it home becomes a super hassle and you wind up FedEx-ing it home, costing actually more than the souvenirs. 

Here are some perfect Beachy Boho Style Finds, only from TheYoungHippie! 

Bohemian Sleeveless Ruffle Hippie Boho Dress

Long Backless Cotton Bohemian Dress

Crystal Magic Crop Top

Happy Camper. Boho Sleeveless Tee

Harper. Feather Print Tank Tee

Brown High Waist Ruffle Hem Boho Palazzo Pants

Ariana. Loose Fit Striped Linen Pants

Helena. Hippie Loose Fit Skirt

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