Spending the Holiday with Friends? Here's How to Make Sure They Invite You Back!

Spending the Holiday with Friends? Here's How to Make Sure They Invite You Back!

      Did you just R.S.V.P. "Yes!" to a fabulous holiday party?!? Of course, you did! We know that not only, do you want to be the perfect holiday guest - but you also want to be invited back. Because that is the true & honest sign of a fantastic holiday guest, when you receive yet another invite!

 Here are some of our BEST tips, so you will always remain at the top of any guest list your friends create!

R.S.V.P. quickly & smartly

      When you receive that party invitation, please don't hold on to it, waiting to R.S.V.P.. Because we know the moment you open it, that tiny voice in your head has already said if you should go or not. Do you want to go to that party, or to turn them down? Either way, let your party host/hostess know ASAP, so they can focus on party planning.

     Never ask if you can bring a date or guest, unless the invitation specifically says you can. Adding extra people can get incredibly expensive when someone plans a party. If you are dating someone and they have not added them to the invitation, go by yourself for the night - it's okay, your sweetie will totally understand!

 Dress extra festive for the occasion

      One of the biggest compliments you can give your host/hostess is to show up dressed perfectly for the occasion. Evening parties are always more fancy than daytime ones. Parties that you go to during the day are usually more low-key, but you can often still wear fun party clothes. If you are unsure of what would be best to wear - text or call your host/hostess, they will be incredibly flattered that you double checked with them, before showing up in torn jeans and a crop top! 

 Never forget to bring something lovely for the host or hostess!

     Here is the secret - this doesn't have to be incredibly expensive. Just something thoughtful you know your host/hostess will adore. For the winter holidays, a Christmas ornament or scented candle can be a lovely choice. If you know they are a coffee or tea drinker, get them something yummy to enjoy.

     No, your host/hostess gift is not something specifically for everyone at the party. It is just something to thank the host/hostess for their warm hospitality.

 Plan a little party-ready conversation topics to socialize with new-to-you people

     Never go to a party, ready to complain about everything - because everyone is going to think you are as much fun as catching the flu during the holiday season! Even if you are feeling super grumpy - try to scan the headlines at Yahoo! or any of the popular websites to see what the current events are. Stay away from controversial subjects such as politics and religion.

 Be the kind guest who goes out of their way

     Do you see someone who looks extra shy or even a little sad? Someone who is not making conversation? Or there are little kids or elderly relatives at the party? Go out of your way to make an effort to be kind to them. Be sure they have a plate of food and something to drink. Be friendly and kind to them. Your host/hostess and their family will be very impressed.

 Do the little thoughtful things your Grandma taught you - because they count!

      These things are incredibly simple, yet it will surprise you just how many do not do them. Say "please" and "thank you." Shake hands and smile when you meet people, and make an effort to remember their names. Give honest compliments so people feel welcome at the party. If you spill or drop something, pick it up yourself.

 Know when it is time to leave that fun party

      A well-known NYC socialite once said, "nothing good ever happens after 1 a.m.." and this is very true! At some point, the party needs to end, and your host/hostess is going to want to tidy everything up and go to bed. If you are good friends with the host/hostess, you can offer to help clean up a bit before you go, that is a super thoughtful thing to do.

 Call & send a Thank You e-mail the very next day

      Lots of people will send a quick text, something that says, "great party!" But really, you should make the extra effort of calling them, and saying a few things you thought were special. Compliment the holiday decorations, the music and the homemade desserts, whatever really stood out to you.

If you follow our helpful tips, you'll always be a guest who gets invited back! Now, go enjoy that party!!!

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