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Tea 101: Get to know herbal teas & cozy up to winter

'Tea makes everything better.' -- Bindi Irwin

We are right in the middle of winter, and now is one of the best times to get to know some of the best herbal teas that are out there. Herbal tea is a wonderful way to cozy up to winter.


Whether you have a good book to read, your favorite show on Netflix or you are spending time with your BFFs, a great cuppa can just make everything a bit better.


Here are some of our favorite herbal teas:


Chamomile Tea - chamomile is a beautiful wildflower and is also one of the most popular herbal teas. It is very calming and soothing.


Cinnamon Tea - this wonderful spice is an herbal tea too! It will help with an upset tummy and also helps to boost your immune system.


Echinacea Tea - many drink this tea, especially during cold and flu season. It is good to help your immune system.


Eucalyptus Tea - most of us know that breathing eucalyptus can feel so soothing, especially when you have a cold. Well drinking it helps too, as it has antibacterial qualities.


Ginger Tea - always drink this when you have the flu or a tummy ache. It also helps to manage heartburn too.


Ginseng Tea - this tea can make you feel more upbeat and has such a delicious flavor.


Green Tea - this is a wonderful tea to help reduce your risk of cancer. It also has antioxidants and it amazing for your skin, helps you to stay looking young!


Hawthorn Tea - choose this tea to help with your digestion. It actually contains fiber!


Lemon Balm Tea - this is a very soothing herbal tea. With a little honey, it is especially delicious.


Peppermint Tea - drinking peppermint tea can help you to feel uplifted and is good for your tummy too.


How to Prepare Herbal Tea


What you will need


  • Your favorite herbal tea - try from the list above!



  • A pot or kettle


  • Honey or another natural sweetener (optional, but some really love this!)


Steps to prepare & enjoy your tea


First choose your tea. Most like to use one tea bag. But some want a strong cuppa and will get 2 tea bags for a single cup of tea.


Boil the water for your tea. BUT! Stop the water just before it reaches the boiling point. This is especially critical if you are making green tea, as it will not only affect the flavor of the tea, but also the healing properties of it.


Pour the water into the mug. Don't pour the water so high that it is hard the carry the mug. We recommend stopping at the top handle mark.


Let your tea sit for about 1 minute then sip, to see if it is too hot for you.


Then - Enjoy!


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Great list of the different teas. I like to drink hot tea. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for this! I love ginger, green, and peppermint tea! :)

p.s. I noticed cinnamon tea came up twice in the list. :)


Now this is my type of post, I love tea!!!


I love tea and there’s so many different types to try. Trying out different tea can be an adventure.


Love herbal teas. What I take for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


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