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The Boho Girl's Guide To Magnetic Lashes

If you’ve ever used traditional false lashes, you already know what a giant pain in the butt they can be. Sticky lash glue, messy trial and error, that moment when you just know your lash is starting to migrate...definitely not our idea of fun, and probably not yours either.

That’s why we’re losing our everloving minds over the convenience of magnetic lashes. It’s all the glamour of falsies, minus the fuss. Plus, when they’re taken care of properly, a single pair of magnetic lashes can last for up to a month of daily wear. Pretty amazing, right?

You’re probably wondering how in the heck these babies work. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about getting started with magnetic lashes. Because trust’re going to want a pair.

How do magnetic lashes work?

Magnetic lashes sound too good to be true, but they work exactly the way their name advertises. 

When you wear magnetic lashes, you’re attaching them to your eyelids through the use of magnets instead of glue. Whether you’re looking to fill out your daytime lashes with one of our dresses or go all out for a vampy nighttime look, here’s literally never been an easier way to ramp up your glam factor with almost no effort required. 

It’s just as easy as it sounds...which is pretty flippin’ easy.

How do I apply them?

There are a couple of different kinds of magnetic lashes, and you should know about both of them to decide which is the right style for you and our amazing collections.

One popular kind of magnetic lashes is made up of two magnetized strips that you wear on each eye. One strip sets on top of your regular lashes, while the other is positioned on the under side. Your lashes are sandwiched in between them with no adhesive or other substance needed. Glam lashes can be yours just as easily as snapping the two strips together.

Our preferred kind (and the one you can find here at The Young Hippie) comes with a tube of magnetic eyeliner. When applied like your regular liner, your new lashes will simply attach to your lash line. Voila! It’s the simplest way to up your lash game. No mess, no stress.

Both kinds of lashes are as easy as pie to apply and care for, but we’re personally fond of the kind that adheres to magnetic liner. We think they’re easier to apply and have a smaller margin of error. That’s our preference (and why we sell them here at The Young Hippie), but you should try both kinds to find the right choice for you!

Are magnetic lashes safe to wear?

As long as you follow the directions for your particular set of lashes, they’re 100% safe to wear!

Just like they do with traditional falsies, the FDA requires magnetic lashes to meet the safety standards they use for cosmetics. And since they don’t use adhesive or glues that could potentially act as an eye irritant if it gets where it doesn’t belong, some people find them even less risky to use on especially sensitive eyelids.

That being said, it’s important to double check the manufacturing ingredients of anything you put near your eyes, especially if you already know of any allergies.that might be problematic. And just like you would with regular false lashes, don’t forget to thoroughly wash your hands before applying to reduce the risk of an infection or stye.

How do I take care of them?

We love easy beauty, which is why we’re super jazzed about how ridiculously convenient these magnetic lashes are. Make sure you check your lash packaging for directions specific to your brand of lashes, but for the most part, magnetic lashes couldn’t be easier to care for.

When you’re ready to take your lashes off for the night, just gently peel the lash away from the magnetic liner. Then, remove your liner just like you normally would. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Just make sure you don’t apply makeup remover to your new lashes. That could affect the magnets in the lash band, which might compromise their effectiveness. 

Okay, I NEED to try them! Where can I get some?

Girl, we gotchu.

The Young Hippie is now carrying magnetic lashes. They’re hand chosen for quality, and we know you’ll feel fabulous wearing them. There’s never been a better time to get comfy with your new set of magnetic lashes!

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I have tried magnetic lashes in the past, but was not able to fit them well. After reading your post I think I’ll give them another go following your tips. Thanks for sharing!


I hated false lashes until my daughter introduced me to magnetic lashes. Now I love them x

Yemi King

This is crazy cool & the first I have heard of magnetic lashes!!


This is very helpful! I’ve been tempted to try these


i am still waiting for my order i placed on may 3rd 2020.
please contact me ASAP

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