'Tis the Giving Season: Perfect Finds For Everyone! – The Young Hippie
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'Tis the Giving Season: Perfect Finds For Everyone!

The Young Hippie
'Tis the Giving Season: Perfect Finds For Everyone!

'Tis the Giving Season: Perfect Finds For Everyone!

Oh, what joy, what joy! We've entered the giving season. If you are a true hippie, one of the things you love about the holidays, is showing love for family & friends by giving them luscious gifts. We now you're going to grin from ear to ear, because TheYoungHippie makes it possible for you to be the biggest & very best Santa Claus, all without busting your budget completely to pieces. Here are fun & special gift ideas, for all of the women in your life from our current collection. 

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Here Are Our Super Ultimate Young Hippie Secrets to Get Everyone an Awesome Gift!


BFF - This is someone who's secrets you've kept. You've seen them on their good days & their bad days.


Don't get them what they need - it's important to give them what they WANT. Why? Because sometimes we don't do that for ourselves, and that's what best friends are for!


SISTER - A sister is sometimes one of the closest but often challenging relationships that we have. We know you'll want to get her something special.


Choose her a gift that shows the world exactly how unique she is. That shows off her beautiful hair, a dress that she can go dancing in. Get her something wonderful!


DAUGHTER - There is an old saying that a daughter is your friend for life, and so many agree with that. So, no one will argue that you'll want to get your daughter something that will make her smile.


Sometimes a surprise is the best gift of all. Daughters often ask for gifts, but Moms know their daughters so well. You likely know exactly what she wants & can surprise her with it!


MOM - Of course you want to get Mom something amazing! Sometimes you have the same fashion and style taste as Mom and other times she likes different things.


When you give Mom a gift, it's important to choose something that you know that she will like. So, if she is fanatical about fringe - then pick a jacket or purse that has this on it & she'll absolutely adore it!


CO-WORKER - Sometimes you know coworkers well and other times they are just friendly faces. Before you go to buy a gift for someone, try to observe them for a couple of days.


Do they love jewelry and seem to always wear earrings? Did they mention that they need a new purse? Are they talking about taking a beachy vacation soon? All of these are amazing hints you've picked up that can help you buy that perfect gift for them.


BOSS - If your boss is a Hippie or adores the Boho style, then we know you'll want to get them something truly awesome. Start by thinking about what your boss loves. What are their favorite colors? What outfits do they adore?


Have they complimented anything that you've worn, or seen anything in a magazine and said that they loved it?


You can also try to get them something they can enjoy during their time off, such as vacation or the weekend. They will appreciate having a gift they can treasure during their fun time.


NEIGHBOR – Do you have the best neighbor? Will they walk your dog if you work late, or do they bake cookies that you love? Then we know you’ll want to get them something that makes them smile.


Choose a lovely gift for their home, such as a wall hanging or macramé home décor. This they will truly admire.


FOR THE PARTY HOST – Going to a holiday party? Don’t you dare show up empty handed! It’s easy to come with something nice for any party host. No, you don’t have to get something that is super fancy, just thoughtful and wrapped in a pretty way.


We recommend you choose something that is either for their home, such as a pillow cover, or just for them, like a bracelet, which they can wear and know you appreciated being invited to their holiday party.


SECRET SANTA – Now these can be a lot of fun, but it is important to bring a good gift, because everyone puts a gift in, and you never know what you’ll get. So, it is only fair to bring something nice.


If you work only with other women – then it is okay to bring something such as jewelry or a jewelry box, or a purse. But if you work with both men and women, consider home décor or something fun such as a VW Vintage Bug Coffee Mug!



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What would life be like without your BFF? Why, who would want to imagine it? Your BFF is always there for you and is totally true to you. Get them something that will keep them cozy and boho stylish all winter long. 

Boho Inspired Oversized Multi Floral Embroidered Denim Jacket

Boho Inspired Oversized multi floral Embroidered Denim Jacket - The Young Hippie



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Who is more special than your sister? She keeps all of your secrets, laughs at your jokes - and then totally raids your wardrobe without asking! But still, sisters are so special and there's nothing like them. We think she'll adore this Claudia bag. It's available in 6 colors, so you'll easily find one she'll fall in love with. 

Claudia. Hippie Fringe Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag

Claudia. Hippie Fringe Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag - The Young Hippie



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We know your daughter loves you. And what is the first thing she'll say when the holidays come around? "M-ooom! I have nothing to wear!" Well, get her this beautiful holiday dress and you've given her the perfect gift too!

Scarlett. Ruffle Chiffon Bohemian Holiday Dress

Scarlett. Ruffle Chiffon Bohemian Holiday Dress - The Young Hippie



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You always want to treat Mom to something special, especially at holiday time. So why not get her something she can wear during that time & then throughout the winter season too? 

Maisie. Bohemian Loose Fit Black Blouse

Maisie. Bohemian Loose Fit Black Blouse - The Young Hippie



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Do you have a Hippie coworker? We know you are best buddies with them then too? You want to get them something that truly makes them smile through the workday. 

VW Caravan Retro Ceramic Cup

VW Caravan Retro Ceramic Cup - The Young Hippie




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Get your boss a holiday gift they will admire. We think they will appreciate this Boho touch to their workday style. 

Compass Boho Necklace

Compass Boho Necklace | Style Select - The Young Hippie



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That wonderful neighbor, who always dog sits for you, or waters your plants when you are away, remember to get them something special!

Evie. Vintage Bucket Bag With Tassels

Evie. Vintage Bucket Bag with Tassels | Color Select - The Young Hippie



Has a friend invited you to a holiday party? Be sure to give them a little festive gift, such as this one!

Delicate Dove Boho Bracelet

Delicate Dove Boho Bracelet - The Young Hippie



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Participating in a Secret Santa, at work or with friends. Give something like this and you'll be a real hit!

Hippie Mandala Earrings



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Stuff those Christmas stockings nice and full of Boho goodies for your sweet friends and family!

Boho Swirl Tribal Earrings

Boho Swirl Tribal Earrings | Style Select - The Young Hippie



Natural Quartz Raw Crystal Hair Clip

Natural Quartz Raw Crystal Hair Clip - The Young Hippie



Hippie Dreamcatcher Drop Earrings

Hippie Dreamcatcher Drop Earrings | Style Select - The Young Hippie











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