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What inspired the 1960's Hippie Look?

 "Guess what, I might be the first hippie pinup girl" -- Janis Joplin


If you are a huge fan of the Boho look or Hippie style - do you know where it came from? Well, get totally psyched, 'cause we're going to tell you!


In the late 60's, the music began to shift and so did the fashion style, from the Mod culture into our beloved Boho style. This is when Mary Quant created the well-known Flower Power style dress that every Boho fan has come to know and love. Clothing started to take on more psychedelic tones, colors and patterns - that is for sure. Mostly inspired by the music, and how people felt about wanting freedom & equality for all in the society of that time. It was a time when many new ideas were introduced and experimented with.


Some of the most popular clothing for women featured ponchos, worn instead of coats or sweaters on a chilly day. Moccasins for shoes. Both men and women loved to add the peace sign, either as jewelry or on their clothing, such as a t-shirt. Or even as a tattoo!


Bell-bottomed jeans were something that both men and women wore, just about everywhere. Long flowing prairie style skirts were beloved by women. In today's Boho style, you'll see many new, modern "twists" on this type of long skirt from the 1960's.


Tie-dyed shirts, whether very simple or really intricate with beautiful designs were worn by both men and women. Sometimes you could get these at concerts or fairs, people would be selling their own unique designs. Today you'll see many modern interpretations on the classic tie-dye, such as a heart style or other fun looks.


Boho style originated from many parts of the world, including Morocco, Nepal, India and quite a few African countries. 


One thing that is so important to realize, is that in the 1960’s, when you wore the Boho style, you were making a statement to the world about your beliefs. This was not simply a fashion choice. You were telling other people quite frankly how you felt that everyone should be treated fairly and equally, that love was the most important thing, that you were anti-war, that we should take care of our Mother Earth and that you would do what it took to stand up for your values and help others in need.

Here are a couple of 1960's Hippie Looks to Try - to Show Your Values


A Peace Sign Tee or Jewelry


What does this say about you? Instantly people will know that you consider peace of every type a great value to have. From inner peace and then also world peace.


Perhaps you are working on being a more peaceful person or going through a stressful situation. Wearing a peace sign, will gently remind you to connect with this vintage Hippie value and feel peace in your heart, all the way down to your tippy toes.


World peace seems overwhelming to create, but think of someone like Mother Theresa who brought love and kindness to so many. She was invited to anti-war rallies all the time. Do you know what she would say? "Invite me when you have a peace rally!" Mother Theresa was a very wise woman. To bring peace into the world, you need to think about peace and then share it with the people you are close to, so it gently spreads out like an ocean's wave. You can do that too - even if you have no plans to follow in Mother Theresa's footsteps!


Fringed Clothing or Accessories


What does this say about you? At first glance, people will know that you connect with the 1960's vintage Hippie lifestyle and culture. Fringe became quite popular then, and we see it now on so many Boho Chic style and Hippie looks available today.


No, you don't have to be covered in fringe from head to toe - try wearing a handbag with fringe on it. Or choose a jacket that has fringe.


Do you know one of our very favorite Hippie things about the fringe-y look? When you hear great music or are happy, your fringe dances around with you! And this can't help but make other people smile too!


Vintage Denim Styles


What does this say about you? Do we really have to say that you're a Hippie? Okay - we will!


Today's contemporary look for denim is indigo and black denim most of the time. So, when you turn to lighter washes of denim, like the vintage looks and even the frayed denim too, everyone knows that you *heart* everything about being a Hippie!


One of the things that we adore about vintage denim is that not only is it super soft, but it is also incredibly comfortable. Even if you wear form fitting jeans or a crop style jacket - you almost feel like you are in your comfy sweats, don't you?!?

Be Happy = Be Hippie Style!

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