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When did the Fringe Style Start?! & Fringe Fashions, We Know You'll Love This Season

Okay...pop quiz time! When do you think fringe styles first began?

 A)  The groovy 1970's

B)  The awesome 1960's

C)  The hip 1920's

D) earlier than that

Did you write down (or just know) your answer? Get prepared to be surprised! 

It's actually "D"! No, fringe did not start in the 70's or 60's. It started much earlier, actually 3000 B.C.. Fringe has come in and out of fashion, just like lots of other fashion styles and trends we know.

Native Americans, in the U.S.A. loved to wear fringe on many of their clothes, whether tops or pants or even skirts and dresses too. It was purely practical - as the fringe would help rain to drop from a person, down to the ground, instead of letting you stay soggy.

In the 1920s, this was the era of the Flapper. One of the most popular dresses that Flappers wore was a short minidress that was 100% covered in skinny fringe. It was hugely fun to dance in, as the fringe would move about! 

Fringe returned as a popular trend in the U.S.A. in the 1960's and was also beloved in the 1970's too. Lots of classic Hippie styles you can think of, feature fringe somewhere!

At The Young Hippie, you'll find some great styles now that have this fringe style you so crave. Here are some of our favorites!

Fringe Vintage Boho Tassel Earrings

An old favorite, back for today's young hippie! We have them in 3 colors: black, pink and blue. Be sure to pull your hair away from your ears or even put your hair up, so everyone notices these fantastic fringe-y earrings when you wear them!



Claudia Hippie Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag

This is a true hippie classic handbag, straight from the '60's! We have it in khaki and brown, so it is easy to match it with your wardrobe so well. With several rows of fringe, it will shimmy and shake so elegantly, just like waves in the ocean! Everyone will admire this bag.





Eva Hippie Fringe Crossbody Shoulder Bag

Don't you just love the long fringe on this bag? Instantly, everyone knows that you are a young hippie in every way - heart, mind, body and spirit! We've got this in a variety of fun colors. You'll want not just one Eva bag, but probably one in a classic, neutral shade and another in a "fun" color that makes everyone smile.


Reagan Retro Faux Suede Fringe Messenger Bag 

Do you need to carry your tablet everywhere you go? Then we've got the perfect fringe-y bag, just for you! You can't help but fall in love with this suede style, perfect for the Fall and straight-into-winter season too. If you prefer a more roomy bag but don't want to compromise on style, you just found your perfect Fall hippie bag - so get it now! 


How to Wear Fringe in Today's Times


It's a fact: the 1960's & 1970's Hippie often wore a lot of fringe, or it was heavily featured in what they wore. A popular item both men and women wore, was a sleeveless tan fringed vest. This was ideal in all 4 seasons, and had very long fringe. It would easily catch your eye.


Fringed bags were popular too. Women would not stop there! They would wear fringe on their bag, then also their jacket and on their jeans or pants. Some would wear a skirt with fringe. So, fringe would certainly take center stage.


Today's fringed styles are still very much the Hippie look, but are more structured and also a little more low key. It used to be the very first thing you would notice about a person was that they were wearing or carrying something that had fringe on it. Today, often you'll notice their overall look they have on, and that fringe somehow compliments it. So, fringe has become like a fantastic ingredient in a recipe and not the main dish itself.


You can easily wear fringe, whether you are going to a dressy or casual event. It simply depends on what type of fringed item you choose, and also what the rest of your outfit looks like. For example, a macramé bag with fun fringe could be the ideal accessory to carry when going to your BFFs beach wedding. That day might be a little less formal than a black-tie celebration, but you are still bringing it to a special event.


Fringe is a fantastic choice whenever you know others are going to notice you are going to be in motion, such as going dancing or a festival or a music concert for a band you love to follow. All the eyes will be on you, because they can't help but notice the fringe swish and sway. Why, it's almost hypnotic!


Take a look at the fringed items at TheYoungHippie, we know you'll find some new favorites that you will love. It is so easy to add this look to your wardrobe!


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