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Boho Bridal Summer Styles

Boho Bridal Summer Styles

The top boho bridal summer wedding styles for a unique look on your special day

 Boho Bridal Summer Styles- The Young Hippie

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Weddings in the summer are a whole new level of perfection. The great weather, romance in the air, and the most incredible sunsets are just a little portion of what you can expect if you're getting married in the summer.

For all brides that are looking for the latest trends on summer wedding dresses that have a boho-inspired look, this article will come in handy. Below you can read about the top bridal gown styles of this year, worn by many celebrities and portrayed in various high-end fashion runways, so you can explore your options to look incredible on the most special day of your life. 

Short Boho Dresses

To kick off this article with something on the non-traditional side, we thought of bringing you an innovative bridal summer style: short boho dresses. If you’ve always dreamt of dressing like a ballerina on your wedding day you’re in luck, because this year one of the most upcoming bridal trends has to do with keepin’ it short. 

At The Young Hippie, we like to spice things up and come up with some unexpected things from time to time, which is why we love to offer our short hippie dress for all brides that want to play the game differently. It is great for a summer wedding and it looks great under the sun. What’s more, the detailed fabric gives a unique look to your bridal outfit that will make you feel extremely special and one-of-a-kind. And who doesn’t want to feel like that on their wedding day?

If the ballerina-inspired dress feels too much for you, don’t worry because there’s another excellent option to explore too. A short dress with macrame additions is the perfect piece for your classy wedding ceremony you will love. The details are incredible and make your silhouette look like a dream. This one is definitely a dress to have in mind when searching for your wedding gown. 

Backless Boho Gowns

Many traditional dresses are backless to allow the bride to show off her beautiful back, and The Young Hippie is an expert brand at offering that and more to clients. Long sleeve backless dresses are super trendy this year when searching for boho bridal styles for a summer wedding, and we have the perfect fit for you. 

Full-length backless options can never do you wrong, and make anyone look like a true queen on their special day. But if an open back doesn’t go with your style, then you should definitely have in mind a long lace dress option to try out. It will make your figure taller and look super elegant for your wedding ceremony.

Lace looks amazing in pictures, and if you’re looking to have a unique and dreamy photoshoot, then either of the options mentioned will do great. It's undeniably seductive while remaining classy and romantic. Backless wedding gowns are ideal for brides who want to show off a little flesh without exposing too much cleavage. If you don't want to reveal too much skin, pair a backless dress with long illusion lace sleeves.

Off The Shoulder Boho Look

Off the shoulder never goes out of style, and going for a dress with this feature for your wedding day will scream boho goddess. These bridal gowns have been popular for some time. The shoulder-baring silhouette has walked down practically every bridal designer's catwalk, topped Pinterest and Google searches, and been worn by many of our favorite celebrity brides for the past decade.

Off-the-shoulder necklines can be found on a variety of wedding gown designs, from sleek sheaths to dramatic ball gowns, and in a variety of fabrics such as lace, tulle, crepe, silk, and more. We love our two-piece off-the-shoulder wedding dress for a different yet beautiful look for all brides.

The lace gives a very romantic vibe, perfect for your special day, and the fact that this is a two-piece set makes it ideal for spending your entire night dancing and greeting your guests.  

Two-Piece Boho Set

A two-piece bridal outfit is a great way to get a look that's absolutely unique to you without going all out. You can mix and match a top here with a skirt, pants, or anything in your closet to create something truly on-brand for your own personal style. And, believe it or not, it allows you to reuse at least part of your wedding gown for a more environmentally friendly fashion decision.

We have different options for every style, including a two-piece with short sleeves and a lace top and a two-piece mermaid wedding gown that makes your body look ten times hotter than it already is. 

If you plan on wearing two gowns during your wedding, a two-piece wedding gown is a terrific option. At night, you can easily switch out a section of your attire for something a little more glamorous or sexier. If you prefer to dance, a shorter skirt will make it easier for you to move around.

Top Boho Bridal Styles For Summer 2022

We hope you find this article useful if you’re looking for the top boho bridal styles for a summer wedding. To sum up the styles we included above, here’s a useful rundown.

For a modern and slightly non-traditional look, a short boho bridal dress is great for every bride that wants to do something different on their wedding day. Apart from this, we added an all-time favorite backless option for all of you who love to show off your backs and give the sexiest look ever. What’s more, an off-the-shoulder option for a princess-inspired theme to feel like a true Cinderella on your wedding day. Finally, a two-piece set that will allow you to look great and use either part on other occasions as well. 

Take a look at our boho bridal catalog for the full list of our incredible and unique wedding gowns so you can start exploring many options for your big day. 

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