Stuff Those Stockings! 16 of Our Very Best Stocking Stuffers to Get Now!

by Adorn Themes Collaborator on December 10, 2019


'Tis the stuff those stockings! Fortunately, TheYoungHippie has you 110% covered, just as any Hippie buddy should. You'll find so many fabulous stocking stuffers here.


We're sharing with you now, a hand curated selection of our favorites. You'll easily find something that will make her grin from ear to ear. Isn't that what anyone who truly embraces the Boho lifestyle would want to do, during the holiday season? We thought you would say "yes!"


Harley. Vintage Print Boho Clutch Bag

Harley. Vintage Print Boho Clutch Bag - The Young Hippie


Perfect for parties, festivals and anytime when you simply don't feel like carrying a huge bag around with you! We adore the delicate, vibrant embroidery on this lovely clutch. It's incredibly eye-catching and makes the ideal Boho Chic accessory.


Hippie Long Tassel Drop Earrings

Hippie Long Tassel Drop Earrings | Style Select - The Young Hippie


Incredibly contemporary & Boho Chic, these earrings easily catch the eye. She will be thrilled to see these in her Christmas stocking. We have them in 8 colors, so you can find one (or more!) that match her favorite Boho style outfit perfectly.


Delicate Dainty Dove Bracelet

Delicate Dove Boho Bracelet - The Young Hippie


Choose this delightful bracelet, especially for the holiday season! The dove has eternally been a symbol for World Peace. We know she'll love to find this in her Christmas stocking, reminding her of the peace we all want around the globe year-round.


Tribal Boho Drop Earrings

Tribal Boho Drop Earrings | Style Select - The Young Hippie


This is a very classic Boho style look - tribal style earrings. You'll see more than a dozen to choose from, so it is simple to select a pair you know will make her grin from ear to ear. We have both gold and silver, pick her favorites!


Boho Conch Shell Necklace for Women

Boho Conch Shell Necklace for Women | Style Select


First - take a look at the awesome variety in shells we have for you! So, if she has a favorite color or style, you'll easily be able to find it. We adore the delightful combination of gold & the natural shell combined. It's ideal for any Boho Chic outfit you want to wear.


Turquoise Drop Boho Earrings

Turquoise Drop Boho Earrings - The Young Hippie


So lovely, if she doesn't own any turquoise jewelry, make this this year you get her something that has it. This is a true classic Boho style look she should add to her wardrobe!


Boho Swirl Tribal Earrings

Boho Swirl Tribal Earrings | Style Select - The Young Hippie


Tribal jewelry is incredibly popular with the Boho style! So, if she loves this, you are going to want to take a look at our lovely collection of "swirl" earrings! We have more than 10 for you to pick from.


Natural Quartz Raw Crystal Hair Clip

Natural Quartz Raw Crystal Hair Clip - The Young Hippie


Here is a stocking stuffer that is fantastic, whether they have long, medium or even short hair. It is Boho Chic and easily attracts attention. You can wear this during the day, but is also great for evening like a fun concert. We have it in 5 beautiful crystal colors.


Natural Stone Delicate Bracelet

Nature Stone Delicate Bracelet | Style Select - The Young Hippie


She's going to love finding this bracelet in her Christmas stocking. With a natural gemstone and delicate silver chain, it is incredibly eye-catching.


Delicate Boho Gold Leaf Drop Necklace

Delicate Gold Leaf Drop Necklace - The Young Hippie


This combination of delicate necklaces is simply irresistible! Don't you love these natural leaves? Such a charming look, perfect for the Boho Chic lady you know. She'll love discovering this in her Christmas stocking.


VW Hippie Wallet

VW Hippie Wallet | Style Select - The Young Hippie


If you adore the Hippie lifestyle and want to get great stocking stuffers for someone who feels the same way - then check out this VW style wallet, that features the classic yellow VW bus, right on it. It has plenty of room for all of your essentials.


Do take a look at our other options for wallets here, as there are 7 choices including several tie-dye style wallets, we know someone will totally flip for!


Silver Statement Chunky Boho Bangle

Chunky Boho Bangle - The Young Hippie


Here is a statement bracelet we know is at the top of her holiday wish list! Just imagine her smile, when she discovers this in her Christmas stocking!


Delicate Boho Stone Double Layer Necklace

Delicate Double Layer Necklace - The Young Hippie


These multiple necklaces are so "in" right now. We know you're going to want to add at least one (if not several!) to her Christmas stocking this year. Take a look at this stone necklace, with a double layer to the necklace, easily drawing attention to your face & shoulders.


Boho Handmade Natural Quartz Crystal Tiara

Boho Handmade Natural Quartz Crystal Tiara - The Young Hippie


Everyone knows they are a Boho Chic princess - so why not stuff their stocking with this one, so it will instantly be visible they ARE a princess wearing a natural tiara?!? It's simply breathtaking and we have it in a variety of colors, so easy to find it in her favorite one.


Pearl Chain Boho Head Dress Jewelry

Pearl Chain Boho Head Dress Jewelry - The Young Hippie


So delicate and feminine! We know she'll fall in love with this at first sight. Wear this to holiday parties like New Year's Eve and then keep it for festival season too.


Bohemian Hair Feathers

Bohemian Hair Feathers | Style Select - The Young Hippie


Wow! This is simply stunning. If she adores the fringe styles of the Hippie lifestyle, then be sure to pick this up as one of her stocking stuffers. We know it will instantly become one of her go-to hair accessories for 2020 and beyond!







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