Celebrate Fall With Vintage and Retro Clothing with Fall Leave Patterns

The fall represents a time of change and freedom from what has been holding you down.  Show this liberation in your fashion whether it be autumn colored bottoms, leaf pattern tops or a dark, mystical handbag.  

This collection is all about warm colors, soft fabrics, and the most fashionable cool-weather pieces you’ve ever seen! We have everything you need to rock your fall look: cozy cable knit, darling dresses, playful booties, and skirts that are begging to be worn with a pair of over-the-knee boots. 

Boho Falling Leaves (33)

Harriet. Boho Pattern Jacket | Style Select


Yasmin. Boho Casual Loose Fit Dress | Style Select


Cally. Vintage Inspired Denim Fleece Lined Jacket


Margot. Aztec Boho Patterned Backpack


Amber. Canvas Boho Patterned Backpack


Hayden. Western Inspired Boho Vest


Brooklyn. Loose Fit Boho jumpsuit Pants


Sienna. Vintage Print Thin Jacket | Style Select


Maria. Floral Boho Kimono


Hippie Leather Wrap Bracelet