Celebrate Fall With Vintage and Retro Clothing with Fall Leave Patterns

The fall represents a time of change and freedom from what has been holding you down.  Show this liberation in your fashion whether it be autumn colored bottoms, leaf pattern tops or a dark, mystical handbag.  

This collection is all about warm colors, soft fabrics, and the most fashionable cool-weather pieces you’ve ever seen! We have everything you need to rock your fall look: cozy cable knit, darling dresses, playful booties, and skirts that are begging to be worn with a pair of over-the-knee boots. 

Boho Falling Leaves (10)

Yasmin. Boho Casual Loose Fit Dress | Style Select


Brooklyn. Loose Fit Boho jumpsuit Pants


Jazz. Velvet Boho Chic Dress | Color Select


Classic Feather Drop Pendant | Color Select


Molly. Boho Inspired Embroidered Floral Dress | Color Select


Luna. Bohemian Long Length Kimono


Scarlett. Ruffle Chiffon Bohemian Holiday Dress


Trina. Retro Ethnic Mini Dress


Belle. Gypsy pencil dress


Anna. Off Shoulder Vintage Blouse