Stylist Boho HOLIDAY DRESSES With Vintage Style

Festive Women's Holiday Dresses and Christmas Outfits for Holiday Party Season

The holidays are peak party season: Is your wardrobe festive enough while reflecting your vintage style? If not, don't fret: We've got trendy vintage Christmas dresses that will make a splash amongst other contemporary styles! Whether you're looking for something with a hippie vibe while being festive or a retro throwback to yesteryear, we've got it at a price that still leaves plenty left over for holiday shopping.


Bright, Holiday Themed Tops, Superb Vintage Accessories

You're heading to an office holiday party, a family affair, or a night out with friends, every girl needs a few standout holiday outfits but more importantly, to do so while keeping true to your boho style. . How about a red velvet top that's both chic and comfortable? 

'Tis The Season - Boho and Retro Outfits for the Holiday Season (13)

Scarlett. Ruffle Chiffon Bohemian Holiday Dress


Harriet. Boho Pattern Jacket | Style Select


Boho Chic Metallic Leaf Shaped | Style Select


Teagen. Faux Fur Studded Coat


Peace Sign Geometric Boho Statement Earrings


Selene. Bohemian Fuzzy Jacket | Color Select


Jazz. Velvet Boho Chic Dress | Color Select


Silver Peace Sign Pendant Necklace


Vintage Bohemian Chunky Ring Set


Hippie Peace Sign Dangle Earrings