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Meet Siciliy.

I am a 14 year old Actress/Model/Influencer working as hard as I can to break out into this industry. I love all things film and fashion and hope to one day walk in a runway show in New York City! But my ultimate goal is to become an actress and work on the big screen. I know that hard work and dedication is what it will take to get me there and I have every intention of doing just that!
I have two younger sisters Serin and Paesha, And one older brother Zander and One younger Max. I have a mother who is tough and someone I truly hope to some day be like. She is my biggest fan and never gives up on my dreams no matter how big or how small, she always works as hard as she can to support anything I have ever wanted to do. I have an awesome step dad that supports me so much and is always there for me! Overall I have a wonderful family who loves me and is always there for me 100%.

Meet Nevada. 

Hello! My names Nevada and I’m proud to be a promoter of theyounghippies. I was raised to be myself and have a free Spirit and I believe that that is what theyounghippies is advertising. I am a vegetarian and I love the earth, theyounghippies use faux fur instead of killing innocent animals and I love that about this brand. I believe that what you wear shapes who you are and theyounghippies clothing gives of amazing positive energy. I am proud be a young hippie!
Contact information:
Instagram: @Nevadafahey
Email for modeling modeling opportunities and I will get back to you!