Our Story

...sit down & have a cup of Rebel Blend...

TheYoungHippie.com site launched in June 2019 and has been popular right from the very start. Gabi has lived the hippie & boho lifestyle since she was tiny. She was inspired to start this special boutique, to offer hand curated clothing & items, to share her unique style with young women everywhere, so they can embrace their true selves. 

Sadly, women are still repressed in many ways. But the boho & hippie lifestyle is about speaking up, finding your own voice, being independent and coming into your own - on your very own terms! 

Some of the women Gabi. admires include "the women of Woodstock" (of course!), but let's not forget Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez. Joan Baez was a passionate activist for human rights and world peace, not simply a musical genius known worldwide for her talents. 

We know that you're going to fall in love with everything that you see here at TheYoungHippie.com. Our style is truly eclectic and unique. You have no worries about meeting your BFF for lunch or other shenanigans, to discover that she's wearing the exact same outfit! Gabi & her best of friends have a ton of fun selecting just the right outfits to share with you - now, how hippie is that?!? So, welcome to this special club! 

The Peace, Freedom and Love movement is very much alive & you can feel free to express yourself, through your clothes, accessories and even your home decor. Aren't you glad that you'll find it all right here? We thought you'd say yes!